Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital

Our goal is to provide excellence in veterinary care. We wish to offer a friendly "low key" environment conducive to good communication about special concerns you may have about your pets.

Our Vision

"We believe pets are family"

Our vision is to provide high quality, compassionate and progressive veterinary care. We strive to support the quality and longevity of our patients lives with a focus on preventative care to support them throughout all life stages.

We believe that pets are an extension of their human family, and we are dedicated to treating them as a part of our own family. We are sensitive to the cares and concerns that each client brings to our practice.

We practice a team approach to health care and strive to provide a nurturing environment where personal growth, professional knowledge, and quality of life for all our team is held in high esteem. This approach provides us with a strong foundation to maintain quality communication and education with all of our clients as well as within our own team.
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  • -Clinic Days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Dr. Martha Shafer

    Veterinarian & Practice Owner

    Dr. Martha (Marty) Shafer came to Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital in 2004 and found her home. She started out by receiving her BA from Wesleyan University and her D.V.M. from U.C. Davis. In vet school she pursued a track in zoological medicine with emphasis on small animals & birds. She managed an Avian Research Lab while at Davis & completed her internship in exotic animal medicine at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, Texas. 

    Dr. Marty is the owner of Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital where she enjoys working with pets of all species and her dedication, compassion and heart make her an excellent doctor.

    Outside of work yoga and hiking are among Marty's many hobbies. Marty has two son's who keep her busy but light up her life. She also has a black and white kitty named "Owl" who is shy but very vocal around dinner time & likes to carry around her fluff ball, or "lovey", toy.   

  • Dr. Cheryl Langbein


    Dr. Langbein has been with Memorial Beach since 2011 and is a UCDavis alumni. She brings a lot of laughter and joy to the day and loves coming to work because of the intellectual challenge and the ability to make a difference in people and animals lives.

    A lifelong horse lover she has been endurance racing for 20 years and has won several competitions all around the world. Her horse Reason to Believe is her most recent champion with her new horse Flash following hot on his heels.

    In addition to the horses Dr. Langbein has 2 dogs: Luke who is a cute and cuddly Pomeranian and Annika the German Sheppard and Dr. Langbein's running buddy. Her cat Bobbi is sweet, talkative and love laps!

  • Dr. Kirstin Jorgenson


    Dr. Jorgenson is Memorial Beach's newest veterinarian, but she's not new to the practice! She started here as a kennel technician in 2008 and then decided to pursue her ultimate dream of becoming a veterinarian. 

    A UCDavis graduate, she recently moved back to the area to be close to family and spend more time riding her horses on the family ranch. A lifelong horse lover she mainly rides dressage but does a little jumping for fun. 

    When she's not hard at work she likes to read, watch Monty Python and hike the hills around beautiful Sonoma County.

    Her animal family includes Calliope her mellow and gorgeous Aussie mix, Mr.Bates her sweet & noble black cat and Xander her crested gecko whose favorite past times include licking his own eyes. 

  • Dr. Charles (Chick) Warner


    From a young age Dr. Warner was attracted to animals of all kinds. The idea of becoming an animal doctor stuck and became his childhood dream. He eventually realized his goal and graduated from UC Davis as a Veterinarian in 1980. Dr. Warner and his wife-to-be, Dr. Humphrey, settled in Healdsburg to establish Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital in 1981. Dr. Warner loves general practice for the variety and has some special skills in ultrasound and dentistry. 

    Dr.Warner enjoys riding his Harley throughout beautiful Sonoma County and surrounding areas and speaking Spanish has been a hobby since his college days. He is dedicated to fitness and enjoys CrossFit classes, surfing, scuba and being outside in nature.

    He and Dr.Humphrey raised two boys, they have a boxer named Dixie who is the light of their life and two horses who are gentle and friendly souls.  

  • Dr. Patricia (Cookie) Humphrey


    Dr. Humphrey's sister never doubted she would be a vet from her first utterance of the idea as a small child. Her family consisted of her mother and sister who both couldn't stand blood, so she go to tend to all their animals health issues. They had horses, cats and dogs and Cookie remembers taking sutures out of their dogs legs when she was six years old. Her families faith in her medical skills never wavered and they swear she was born for the job.

    Dr. Humphrey and her husband Dr. Warner arrived in Healdsburg in 1981 and founded Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital after graduating from UC Davis. Prior to that she completed her BS at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Animal Science.

  • Debbie Gettys

    Records Administrator

    Debbie knew at a young age that she wanted to work with animals and she can't remember a time when there wasn't a cat, dog or bunny in the house growing up. Debbie went to high school in Grants Pass and then to Pierce Community College in Tacoma where she got her Associates degree in Animal Health Technology. She worked as a tech in Oregon, Nevada and then worked for Hill's Pet Nutrition before finding her home at Memorial Beach.

  • Kathie Sceales, RVT

    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Kathie has been with Memorial Beach for 22 years and is a UCDavis alumni with a B.S. in animal science. She has 2 dogs Wrangler and Levi, 1 kitty RoxyHart, 1 guinea pig Stella and too many rabbits to count!

    Kathie has a passion for learning new things, biology, raising and showing rabbits and veterinary medicine. She has particular interest in veterinary dentistry.

  • Danielle Quinn, RVT

    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Danielle has been at Memorial Beach since 2003 and started as a kennel technician. In recent years she has worked hard to put herself through school at SRJC and passed her CA RVT license exam with flying colors the same day as Meaghan Finn! She has a special interest for animal dentistry and is one of MBVH most skilled dental technicians.

    When she's not at work you will most likely find Danielle outside with her shoes kicked off and her toes in the sand. She loves the mountains, the beach and a day with friends by the river. Basically anywhere you can breathe deep and catch some sun!

    Danielle has two dogs who are both under 10 pounds and rescues but that's where the similarities end! Moo is fluffy, outgoing and loves everyone she meets. Chiquita is a little lady who is family oriented and bit quieter, but her tail gives her away when she's happy to see you. 

  • Sabrina Impelido

    Technician Assistant

    Sabrina started with Memorial Beach in 2014, but her love of animals has always been with her. For her senior project at Ursuline High School she volunteered at Safari West and realized then that she wanted to make animals her life. 

    In her free time Sabrina love going to the movies, riding her horses, looking for projects on Pinterest, petsitting and doing almost any kind of crafts. 

    Sabrina's furry family includes 4 dogs named Coda, Jasper, Brooks & Oscar; 5 cats named Kydie, Beans, Rebel, Cheech and Monkey and 2 horses named Atly and Buddy. It sounds like a full house, but Sabrina's big heart always has room for one more set of paws (or hooves!)
  • Rachael Carey

    Technician Assistant

    Rachael started at Memorial Beach in 2015 as a technician and kennel assistant and is moving right up in her skills. 

    Rachael went to Healdsburg high school and is currently attending SRJC for the veterinary technician certification program with the hopes of sitting for her CA RVT boards. In her spare time she loves hanging out with her family & boyfriend and enjoying all Sonoma County has to offer on a beautiful hike. 

    Rachael has 3 furry family members; her dog Bailey, who is likes to chase the cat & her dog Indy, who is goofy and crazy. She has a kitty named Hazel who is a little princess and loves to sleep in the hamper all day. 
  • Jose Gutierrez

    Kennel Manager

    Jose came to Memorial Beach in 2013 and has found a love of taking care of the pets that come stay with us. Jose loves to be surrounded by animals and makes an effort everyday to treat each boarder like he would treat his own pet.

    In his free time Jose likes to go camping with his family, play pool, work on his car and hang with his snuggly dog's Snoop and Gizmo.
  • Amber Rose

    Technician Assistant/Kennel Technician

    Amber started at Memorial Beach in 2016 but her love of animals started long before that. She was an animal behavior trainer for 5 years at a doggy day care and boarding facility before she realized she wanted to learn the medical side of animal life.

    In her free time Amber loves to go on hikes with her daughter and her dogs, read and swim whenever she can.
    She has 2 dogs; Sawyer who is a bundle of energy and Beetle Babe who is a mommy’s girl, but loves to play. She also has 2 cats; Oomba and Niner.