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The outside of our hospital in Healdsburg, CA

Our Hospital

Our practice has three examination rooms, a fully stocked pharmacy, boarding facility and a full in-house modern laboratory for rapid, accurate test results. A separate digital radiography and ultrasound suite provides quiet and privacy for doctor and patient during these diagnostic procedures. Our surgery suite is capable of providing for a full range of surgical procedures including post-op laser treatments of incision sites.


Our reception area is designed for your comfort and ease. Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of our friendly client care specialists who will help you check in and may also help you select from our treats or health related products on display in this area. 

Exam Room

A nurse will bring you and your pet to one of our three examination rooms that are designed to provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. The Doctor will then examine your pet and talk with you about any concerns or questions that you may have. The high ceilings, windows, and ample ventilation provide comfort without sacrificing intimacy. 


Our pharmacy contains an array of medications that your pet may need. Whether  it's thyroid, arthritis or allergy problems we strive to stay current on all new and improved medication formulas.


Our treatment area is the heart of our hospital's daily activities. Many different procedures from toenail trims to anesthesia for dental cleanings or wound surgery take place here. The open room allows for good supervision and coordination among our medical team.


Our in-house laboratory is fully equipped for accurate, same-day analysis. Frequent analysis of blood, urine, or tissue will give us the answers that we need for accurate diagnosis & treatment of many medical conditions. Rapid results can make a life saving difference when dealing with critical patients.

Radiology / Ultrasound

Digital X-rays or ultrasound are needed to view disease processes inside of the body. We use these modalities to get an accurate diagnosis or evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing treatments. Our X-ray room can be closed & darkened to provide a calming environment for our patients during these procedures.  Digital X-rays and ultrasound findings can be easily sent to clients or other veterinarians via e-mail or CD. This is also where we keep our laser unit and perform many of our laser treatments.


Veterinary surgery is a team effort requiring skilled staff members with on-going training, modern anesthetics and equipment and close attention to detail. Our surgical suite can accommodate a full range of surgical procedures from spays and neuters to knee surgery to emergency procedures.

Cat Ward

A large sky light insures plenty of sunlight & fresh air daily for these furry felines. Loving attention (and lazy lounging on the table) is a daily occurrence.


Heated floors for cold weather, fans for hot weather, comfort pads and plenty of love and attention make our kennels an ideal home away from home for your family member. Our staff loves your pets & makes every effort to cater to their needs. Frequent walks in our grassy yard, play time and treats are a complimentary part of our VIP service.