Canine Influenza Information

Canine Influenza Information

Canine Influenza

Due to recent developments of the Canine flu in the Bay Area, we are recommending that
any dog with any social interaction receives the Canine Influenza series.

This vaccine is recommended for all patients that go into areas where other dogs frequent (boarding
facilities, grooming, dog park, neighborhood walks, tasting room/winery dogs).

As of Jan 22nd, the closest cases are Fairfield and San Francisco. But there have been up to 30
new cases reported daily over the past week.

The flu virus can stay on your clothes, hands and in the environment for 24 hours so direct
contact with other dogs does not need to occur. It can take up to 7 days before infected dogs
show any symptoms and they can shed the virus up to 24 days.

This vaccine requires two administrations. The booster vaccine follows 2-3 weeks after the
initial vaccination and then once every year after. Good immunity can develop as early as 5-7
days after the second vaccine, but it can take up to 6 weeks from the start of the series for
immunity to develop.

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